It is only the fourth day of my novena to Saint Jude. I cannot believe what is happening, every day since day two (day one I started the novena before I went to bed) something in the desired direction is happening. I feel Saint Jude being very close to me, I really wish to incorporate him now (God first though, of course) in every area of my life and every step of the way. This whole thing has made my faith alive again and changed everything. Everything is easy and lovely and smooth. With God and His saints there are no dilemmas anymore. Saint Jude especially is very fast working and very loving. He will not leave you without quick and visible help. Be sure friends, know that he will help you for sure. I know it now, I have seen it and I wish everyone would call upon this amazing saint in any given situation. Nothing is impossible, there are solutions our little brains cannot think of. I have seen how this very complex difficulty dissolves in simplicity like it was never complicated to begin with. Everthing is easy with God my friends, know this and be sure of His help and of the power He bestowed upon Saint Jude’s intercession. Saint Jude is a friend to everyone and to me he became my BEST friend. May I never forget to include him in everything and may you trust him as well. God bless you all, just have faith, disregard anything else, your reason, your experience etc only lean on your faith and even if you don’t have enough faith: Saint Jude’s faith will be enough. Just call him and see for yourself how mighty and loving this wonderful Saint is.