Here is a place where those who understand the power and glory of St. Jude and his powerful, remarkable and at times unbelievable intersessions. Just two weeks ago, my family was absolved of a tremendous burden. A terrible situation involving excessive alcohol occurred 396 days ago that had significant legal ramifications for us. November 7th, there was to be a court hearing (the first one) to serve as a status conference for the State (the prosecution). On October 18th (after so many days and hours and months of praying as if my life depended on it) we received a call that the State has dropped all charges and there will be no case at all! It was nothing short of a miracle. I know it was St. Jude and our family member (Louis, Peter, Nanny, Ernie, Lars) that interceded on our behalf. I will never forgot how moved I was when I received that news. I love you St. Jude (and St. Expedidus) whom also intervened I believe. Also, we both have been sober since that day! AMEN. Peace with you all.