My husband was told he was being let go from his job due to a merger. We are older and worried at his age someone would even look at him let alone hire him . I prayed to St Jude & our prays were answered in a big way ! I always spread the word of St Jude to all that will listen. One day my brother also older was in fear of losing his job and I told him my story and sent him the St Jude pray . He said “why not give it a try “and he did and yes once again St Jude answered prayers . Now my brother spreads the word as well ! At this time I’m having health issues and uncertainty’s , extreme anxiety , panic & fear over all the unknowns but once again I am bringing it to St Jude and I know he will bring it to Jesus for me & I trust my prayers will be answered again . Never give up . Never lose hope or faith ! Know St Jude will be there for you .
Thank you , Thank you , Thank you St Jude