I have been a devotee of St. Jude ever since I migrated in this great country 28 years ago. With each passing year of trials & desperate needs , I’ve always run to him for help. But nothing compares to what he has done for me lately… protecting me (as I was alone since husband got called to the hospital) & the house during hurricane Ian. Way before the storm, my husband & I placed stickers/pictures of St Jude that we got from the Shrine on both sides of our glass sliding doors to our lanai. As the fierce winds violently howled during this monster of a storm, I felt that our sliding doors were about to be blown out and so was our roof, which I heard so many heavy thuds. It was quite scary, on top w/ no electricity & water, but I kept asking to his intercession to keep me safe. Morning after, most of our neighbor’s houses (left, right & those front of us) had significant damages, even some rendered unlivable but ours only had a few roof shingles blown off with no major structural damage at all considering the eye went through our neighborhood. I know deep down in my heart that St. Jude protected me and was there with me every minute during the storm. I am more than thankful for he always takes very good care of me & my family, not just at the time of need but on a daily basis. He is our ever faithful, beloved family patron!