I would like to thank St Jude and praise God for the most speedy and wonderful miracle that happened to me while praying the St Jude novena. Firstly, I would want to apologise for the delay in giving my testimony.

The problem started when I got my visa for coming to Kuwait and had to get my medical done. It got rejected the first time in Mangalore and then I had to go to different places to get it done and all got rejected. Finally one person told me to go do it in Kerala, but it will take a lot of money to get it passed. The reason for the rejection was my back surgery that happened 12 years back for scoliosis when I was 14 years old. In fact, I was sure that this issue is not a problem in Kuwait as I was born and brought up there but none of the doctors were even listening to us.
I felt very disheartened as I had spent most of the savings on travelling and paying for medical test and from where will I arrange such a huge amount. Then, my sister asked me to pray st Jude novena with faith. I did the same and I started the novena within the 4th day I had to travel to kerala and in my mind was oh no, I can’t complete the novena as they called me early. But I didn’t stop, I kept saying the novena and the doctors called me as I didn’t pass but this time they let me explain.
And thanks to God and the intercession of st jude I got my medical passed with no extra fees and it was all done by the 6th day. The faith is all that helps. Do pray with faith and the miracle will happen.