Contributions to St. Jude Shrine

Would you like to help us continue our mission of sharing St. Jude, the Patron Saint of Hope, with others?

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If your answer is YES, consider giving to St. Jude Shrine. The kindness you share today will go far in helping meet our mission as Pallottine priests, brothers, and sisters of bringing HELP and HOPE to God's people around the world and right here at home in the United States.


Donation to St. Jude



There are many other ways you can help us in our mission here at St. Jude Shrine:


1. Through your continued prayers, especially through the intercession of St. Jude, Patron Saint of Hope!  Please send us your petitions, and the Pallottine Priests who serve here at the Shrine will remember all of your prayer requests in our Masses and Novenas. 

2. Through enrolling yourself or your loved ones, both living and deceased, in our League of St. Jude.  Membership in the league entitles you or your loved one to remembrances:

  • In one hundred annual Masses
  • In monthly Novenas of Masses
  • In the three Solemn Novenas each year
  • In the four Perpetual Novena Services conducted every Wednesday and the two conducted on Sunday at the Shrine
  • In the daily Mass offered on the tomb of St. Jude in the Vatican

St. Jude All league members will receive an enrollment card with the image of St. Jude.  This beautiful card has a full color image of St. Jude on the outside and is personalized with the League member's name on the inside along with the benefits of enrollment.  Families can also be enrolled in the St. Jude League.

For more information about the St. Jude League, please visit our League of St. Jude page or sign our guest book with your name and address and mention in the comments section that you wish to receive more information about the League.

3. Through our Planned Giving Program.


4. Would you like to receive a spiritual letter from us on a regular basis?  Join our mailing list here at the Shrine by signing our guest book with your name and address and check off YES for our mailing list.                                                                                                                          

Cameroon 5. Through giving whatever you can to assist us in our mission at the St. Jude Shrine.  A donation of any size can help in so many ways! 

For donations by check, please mail to:

St. Jude Shrine
512 W. Saratoga Street
Baltimore, MD  21201