The Wall of Honor at St. Jude Shrine

Wall of Honor

A Memorial to a Loved One...

The reasons people visit St. Jude Shrine are as unique as each of the thousands of individuals who make pilgrimages here each year.  Young and old, Catholic and non-Catholic, all walks of life come to the Shrine to pray, reflect, and pay tribute.  The Millennium Room at St. Jude Shrine allows for a look at the unique mix of Shrine history and interactivity, including a "virtual" Wall of Honor.  This "Wall of Honor" is an excellent way to memorialize a loved one, honor a special person, or celebrate a milestone.  The records of those enrolled on the Wall are maintained and united with thousands in the St. Jude family who have supported the Pallottines, The Shrine, and the mission work here at home and around the world.
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