Father Peter’s Monthly Message

Fr. Peter

Dear Friend of St. Jude,

You are a cherished member of our Circle of Hope, acting as a pillar of support for our priests, brothers, and all those we assist. Your unwavering encouragement is a true blessing, and for that, we are profoundly thankful.

Throughout the ages, the Catholic Church has honored Mary the entire month of May. As the Mother of God and of all humanity, she tirelessly advocates for each of us, prompting the Church to dedicate this special time to her.

Virgin Mary and Baby JesusJust as we turn to our earthly mothers for aid, we rely on Mary and the saints — particularly St. Jude — to intercede for us before God. In these challenging times, Mary and St. Jude stand as powerful advocates, ready to assist us through prayer.

Are you facing health concerns, financial struggles, or family difficulties? Whatever burdens weigh on your heart … know that Mary and St. Jude are here to ease your worries and strengthen your faith in God.

As Pallottine priests and brothers, we are honored to lift your intentions in prayer. Enclosed are heartfelt testimonials expressing gratitude for the miraculous intercessions of
Mary and St. Jude.

“In April of 1971, I was almost 26 and in Maryland General Hospital, diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. My husband John went to the rectory of St. Jude Shrine and spoke with a kindly priest. The priest walked to the hospital and blessed me with the relic of St. Jude. That June, my oncologist saw no signs of the disease. I continued to have chemo treatments for two years. It took ten years to hear the words “cured”. To this day, the cancer has never returned. On September 8, 1974, the Blessed Mother’s birthday, I gave birth to my first daughter. Thank you, St. Jude!” – Christine

“I was scheduled to travel around Christmas time, but I did not have sufficient money for the trip. I also had nothing extra for gifts or food. I was led to do a 9-day Novena to St. Jude. On the day after I completed it, I received a letter from work saying that I had not been paid for special services for three months and would be receiving a lump sum payment of $9,000 within the next few days. This is not a joke! I could not make this up if I tried! God is real. St. Jude is real, and his intercessory prayers are extremely powerful. St. Jude, I thank you for your loving intercession to our great and mighty Lord.” – Debbie

“For many weeks I have been asking for St. Jude’s intercession with a heavy financial burden. I am not totally out of the woods, but I am extremely grateful that I am basically caught up and will be able to keep my home. I am so grateful – it is hard to even put into words. Glory to God and the Blessed Mother and thank you St. Jude with all my heart.” – Anna

Please share your prayer requests with us at St. Jude Shrine, and consider supporting our mission to bring hope and aid to those in need across the 54 countries we serve. Your donation will provide essential resources like food, shelter, medicine, and clean water, along with the love of Jesus Christ and our beloved Mother Mary. Please visit our website at www.stjudeshrine.org.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness towards our ministries. May the blessings you bestow upon us return to you abundantly. May the love and peace of Jesus, along with the protection, comfort, and guidance of our Holy Mother Mary, be with you every day of your life!


Wishing you the Hope of St. Jude,  

 Fr. Peter Sticco, S.A.C.
   Novena Director

P.S. Your gift today helps support all our Pallottine ministries, particularly our St. Jude Shrine and the poor we serve. Please be as generous as you are able and don’t forget to send your prayer requests so they may be remembered in our prayers, Masses and Novenas at our Shrine, and on the tomb of St. Jude in the Vatican.

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