Prayers for Faith, Hope and Healing

Dear Friend of St. Jude,

Over 2,000 years ago, when Our Lord walked the earth, He gave His cousin, St. Jude, a very special gift…a gift that St. Jude is eager to share with you – especially in your time of need…a gift that can overcome the greatest fears or troubles…a gift that has a power all its own.

Tradition tells us that when Jesus saw the faith that St. Jude had in him, Our Lord pressed His image onto a cloth and gave it to His cousin. A few days later, a king who suffered from leprosy asked St. Jude to show him the image of Christ so that he might be cured. As he showed the image of Christ to the king, St. Jude told him, “Believe in Him whose image you see!” At that moment, the king was cured. My friend, the gift of St. Jude is the power of faith in Jesus Christ. And St. Jude wants to release this power to you – for you to use – especially in times when all hope seems lost.

You can use that power throughout the new year to help yourself – and to help others in need.

First let me tell you a little more about helping others in need, and then I’ll return to how you can release the power of St. Jude in your own life.

As you already know, the Pallottine Fathers, Brothers and Sisters are hard at work – in 54 countries around the world – bringing new hope, through the power of St. Jude, by meeting both material and spiritual needs of poor and struggling people. One example can be found in Poland, where our fellow Pallottines are offering faith and hope to Ukrainian refugees who are in urgent need of both. We are providing shelter, caring for sick children, helping the refugees to find employment, providing spiritual and material comfort, and so much more.

Here at home, tough times are causing people to turn more than ever to St. Jude Shrine, the nationwide center of St. Jude devotions, to discover the power of St. Jude. Thousands of people just like you have asked for and received St. Jude’s intercession, encouraged by the prayers, Novenas and Masses that are offered by the Pallottines throughout the year. Please let me share just three of the countless testimonials we receive every year to give you some idea of the power of St. Jude in action. I hope, after reading them, you’ll be reminded of what the power of St. Jude can accomplish.

“My brother lives in a very small town and lost his job. He has a small son who is the most important thing in his life, but his ex-wife has custody. He is also very involved in his church. Since there are very few jobs in his town, he was very depressed and even had thoughts of suicide. He thought he would have to move to find work, but that would take him away from his son and his church. The day I finished my Novena to St. Jude, he got a job offer in his town for the best job he ever had.” – Debbie

“Last year, my sister and I were driving to California from Texas for the holidays. My car rolled over twice due to ill wind in Arizona, and the car was a total wreck, but we survived with no permanent injuries. This was late at night on a deserted interstate, but not five minutes after the crash, a couple stopped and the man happened to be a fireman and an EMT. The officer who went to the scene found the visor clip I had of St. Jude on the floor of the car and told me at the hospital that St. Jude was working overtime, as the accident could have been fatal.” – Anya.

“My husband has suffered with back pain for years, but a couple of months ago, his pain got really bad. My daughter took him to pain doctors who recommended a pump to feed a pain killer into his spine. I prayed a Novena to St. Jude for him, and on the last day of the Novena, he woke up with no pain in his back. The pain has been gone for a week now. I’ll be forever grateful to St. Jude for answering my prayers.” – Bernice.

Anya, Debbie and Bernice rejoice in the power of St. Jude in their lives. By placing their faith in the power of St. Jude and his ability to intercede with God on behalf of those who seek his help, countless people have had their prayers answered and their faith and hope strengthened.

You can too! By believing in the power of St. Jude and by sharing your needs and special intentions with him, you can bring new hope to yourself…and to others. Start by visiting our website,, to send us your special intentions and your prayer requests. We Pallottines here at St. Jude Shrine want to include them in our prayers, Masses and Novenas…confident in the power of St. Jude to intercede with Our Lord on your behalf.

My prayer today is that you will find peace and hope in the new year through the power of St. Jude and that you will help the Pallottines continue to meet the spiritual and material needs of people around the world. I understand that these are difficult times, and I can only tell you that your gift of $10, $15, $20 or more will have an enormous impact on the lives of people who have nowhere else to turn. 

Your gift will make such a difference! It can provide food and clothing for children in orphanages, and medical attention and care for elderly people who are all alone. It can build a new school or church in an area where ignorance and spiritual poverty abound. It can help prepare priests who, infused with the power of St. Jude, will share that power with men, women and children all over the world, and much, much more.

And so, I ask that if you have it within your means, please open your heart to the power of St. Jude by making as generous a contribution as possible. Your generosity will help the Pallottines reach out to share faith and hope with people around the world and right here at home – and that includes you!


Wishing you the hope of St. Jude in the new year,  

 Fr. Peter Sticco, S.A.C.
   Novena Director

P.S. Your gift today helps support all our Pallottine ministries, particularly our St. Jude Shrine and the poor we serve. Please be as generous as you are able and don’t forget to send your prayer requests so they may be remembered in our prayers, Masses and Novenas at our Shrine, and on the tomb of St. Jude in the Vatican.

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About Fr. Peter Sticco

Fr. Peter Sticco, S.A.C. is the Novena Director of the St. Jude Shrine in Baltimore, MD.